Forever Nineteen

When you find someone who acts childishly, you can compare with them a four year old or a two year old, depending upon which you are more likely to Forever Nineteenchoose to denote immaturity, and you can speak as if the other person is really not acting as if they ever really grew up.

Forever nineteen refers to the way in which people who used to deal in business sometimes deal today. The age of the teenager has been extended from one or two years to a whopping six to eight years time. Now, we see the age of adolescence extending far into someone’s twenties, lasting sometimes up to twenty years in total. There are many thirty four year olds who act as if they were sixteen, and so on.

The age of adolescence extends within a person when their emotional age does not equal their external age. If this is the case, internally someone may be twelve, but externally they may be forty-two. As they grow older, you will find that this person cannot function at their external age, and often reverts back to behavior which mimics their internal age. This is what drug addiction and alcoholism can do.

Do you see how dangerous that is?

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