For Those of Us with Legitimate Jobs

Our work is often our second home. Our jobs or careers are our babies, which we carefully tend and nurture until they take off on their own andFor Those of Us with Legitimate Jobs we reap the benefits. Those of us who are gainfully employed consider our work to be part our very essence. We believe that our jobs are valuable to the community and that we are all a part of this wonderful mix of people and productivity.

For this reason, some of us may view employee drug testing with more reverence and respect than others do. Employee drug testing has a certain civilized feel about it which those of us with legitimate jobs completely understand. It is this civilizing effect which makes us value drug testing so much. Sure, we may complain rather often about having to go get tested, but we would rather everyone be screened than for someone dangerous or out of control to enter our clean, wedding cake world.

This is the mindset of many people and it is fully justified. It is good that people often find themselves in uncomfortable positions or difficult places in life, but not if it entails being stressed out by the thought of going to work in the morning. That is one place where work and productivity should hold sway over emotional upheaval.

Drug test equipment in a reliable business must be extremely accurate and reliable over the long term. It must fulfill its function and do so in a user friendly way. It must present accurate data which can then be collected and used by you to make decisions about your hiring and firing choices, as well as recommendations for Employee Assistance Programs.

CMM Technology is dedicated to the fine art of scientific evaluation, and our products reflect this obsession with accuracy. We are NATA accredited for breathalyser calibration, we carry a range of drug test kits, including saliva and urine drug tests, and we are part of the Australian marketplace which helps other businesses become stronger, more resilient, and better all around. To find out more about what our products can do, visit our website or talk to one of our charming agents today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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