Focus and Singleness of Purpose

Kevin Trudeau, the network marketing entrepreneur, lists focus and singleness of purpose as the two greatest attributes which will build your work ethic, while keeping you from being distracted by other opportunities and outside ideas, which are always floating around and can appear very tempting. Trudeau describes this single-minded focus as the reason for his success, since it made sure that he was not pulled in many different directions, even mentally. So, is mental focus that crucial, or can you let your mind wander while you are sticking to the task at hand? Does it really matter?

According to Trudeau, a billionaire in his own right, it very much does matter. According to his widely published success principles, this single-mindedness is extremely necessary in achieving the goals which you wish to achieve, both in your private life and in your professional life. Trudeau states that, since your thoughts automatically become actions, and your actions tend to be the offshoot of habits, mental habits are extremely important, and you must not have the mental habit of being wishy washy and following every trend and pursuing every idea, just because it happens to be there.

Another important fact about this mentality is that it appears in the lives of over-achievers by manifesting as multiple income streams and multiple marketing ideas. Kevin Trudeau also emphasizes how this is just another form of allowing your mind to wander, so to speak. If you sink your time and efforts and energy into five different ventures, rather than just one venture, you are very likely to accomplish very little with all of them and become discourage easily, because it probably will not feel right in your gut. It is this commitment of time and energy and focus that allows individuals to actually accomplish something in their lives. It is this willingness to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, and then to keep doing it that defines the future billionaire from the future thousand-aire.

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