Flighty Workers

Flighty WorkersFlighty or flaky employees can be really irritating to people who tend to think in logical, well defined terms. Flightiness is very hard to eradicate from someone. They seem to be flighty all the time, and no amount of reasoning and logic can convince them to put their feet on the ground. Such occasions are quite common, and many flighty people find themselves in careers or in families which are very low key, low pressure, and people oriented, with plenty of acceptance for everyone.

What happens when someone acts flighty when they are not actually so? This is an example of someone who is manipulating the trusting people around them to trust them, too. They are seen as a good person, even though everyone has a “feeling” that there’s something not quite right with them, and they are accepted by a whole set of people who are both gullible and in the habit of accepting people, so they almost can’t help themselves.

Fortunately, employee drug testing has enabled businesses to remove this particular doubt from the scene by showing business owners who is abusing substances on the jobsite and who is not. Even if the business owner is flighty, too, they can still easily enforce legality and company liability protection by showing the employee in question that their behavior is being monitored and that any more unprofessional actions while on the jobsite will result in the termination of their employment.

In the end, flighty people tend to stay where they feel the safest. This is where your use of high quality screening tests will help in making your business place more enjoyable for everyone. Our saliva drug tests and urine drug tests are just some of the screening tests that we here at CMM Technology provides companies which are looking for employee drug testing solutions. In order to find out more about how we operate and how you can order, feel free to visit our website, check out our sister site, Mediscreen, which provides onsite testing services, and be sure to order enough drug test kits for your entire staff. If you are thinking about implementing drug testing solutions, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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