Five Reasons to Always Tell the Truth

Telling the truth always seems inconvenient when you are in a tight spot or when you really feel judgment from another personFive Reasons to Always Tell the Truth coming on. However, telling the truth is always better in the end, for it saves reputation and it saves humiliation in the long run. Need some additional motivation?

#1: The truth always comes out in the end, anyway. No matter what, the truth always comes out in the end, anyway, and there is just no way around it. The harder you try to keep a secret, the more likely you are to spill. However, the less you seemingly care about telling the truth, the less stressful it will be to the hearer and to you.

#2: To reiterate…even if it takes years to come out…the truth always comes out in the end. We would like to repeat the above reason with even more clarity and discernment. After many years, even if you have been lynched by the mob and raked over the coals, the truth will come out. It is much better to endure that now, and come out with a clean reputation, than to be lynched by the mob and raked over the coals AFTER the truth comes out later on, when your reputation will also be in jeopardy.

#3: It is better to be accused of something that is true, than to be accused of something that is false. We have all endured false accusation, and it is no picnic. You want to control how others see you, but your reputation is in shambles, and you feel that you have no baseline upon which to build a new one. On the other hand, if you are accused of something which you have already confessed to, the power behind the accusation loses all momentum. It is not satisfying to your accuser to threaten someone who has already come clean and who has already told everyone what they did.

#4: You have nothing to hide…and that is worth more than you think. When someone keeps a secret, they have to change their behavior to mask what they know to be true. If someone is blissfully ignorant of something, their behavior does not change, and they do not act any different than anyone else. If you always tell the truth, your actions and seeming sincerity are true and unblemished.

#5: You sleep better at night. This has been tested and is very true. When you must constantly keep tabs of everything that you are doing during the day and who you told what, you have a lot to rehash at night in order to keep all of your stories straight. When everything is out in the open and nice and clean, all you have time for at night is sleep.

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