Finding Cost Effective Alcohol Testing Solutions

Finding Cost Effective Alcohol Testing Solutions

Due to the many different brands and types of alcohol testing products on the market, choosing a product in line with your alcohol testing policy can be challenging. The factors that should be taken into consideration are the location of the workplace, number of employees and any state regulations that dictate what is required for a company to avoid litigation in the event of any alcohol related incidents. Alcohol testing products can have a large price range, but paying attention to all of the factors can help you save substantial amounts of money.

Laws and regulations vary by location, so the need to have alcohol testing products on hand will depend on applicable laws, but it is never a bad idea to take preventative measures to protect your employees. In larger settings, products like the Alcosense Precision Breathalyser will end up being cheaper in the long run due to the fact that they do not need to be replaced or recalibrated frequently— normal calibration schedules are every six months or 1000 tests, whichever comes sooner. When comparing disposable alcohol tests to a wall mounted breathalyser or hand-held unit, the amount of times you expect to use the equipment should be taken into account. Over thousands of tests, a more expensive unit can effectively cost much less per test over its lifetime than disposable tests would cost.

Remote areas and smaller workplaces may require less testing and it may be more cost effective to purchase disposable tests due to the fact that a digital unit would never be used enough to justify the cost per test.

Regardless of whether the workplace is small or large, an alcohol testing program can save your company a lot of money in the long run. According to the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act 1986[1]  in South Australia for example, not providing reasonable incident prevention could result in a maximum fine of $300,000 for the first incident and $600,000 for recurring incidents. The fines that could result from the lack of  an alcohol testing program vary from state to state, of course, but it is much cheaper to implement a program than to face litigation and possible fines in the event that one of your employees causes an alcohol related incident.

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