Fight Substance Abuse and Cancer At The Same Time

alert J5 personal breathalyser,lion alcoblowYes, we are aware that this is an interesting title to an article. What do substance abuse and cancer have in common? They both feed on cell degeneration. Yes, we said it. Cell degeneration is the cause of cancer, not the other way around. How do we know this? We did our research.

Let’s begin with cell degeneration and branch off onto the other two subjects. Cells are basic building blocks of your body. Everything in your body and brain is made up of various types of cells. In order to reproduce, cells must be able to split into two, equally healthy cells. Splitting a cell requires a lot of energy. In order for both new cells to be just as healthy as the previous one, they must have an abundance of energy and resource materials.  When building a house, you must have both labor and materials. Such is the case with organic cells. [1]

What happens when these cells do not have enough labor (energy) or materials (nutrition) to split into two new cells? Usually, the new cells are far weaker than the old one, and they must be fed energy and nutrition before they split again. If not, the next generations will be weaker and weaker until one of two things happens. Depending upon the type of cell and the type of degeneration process, these cells may still attempt to divide, but will be unable to complete the process. Think of a spherical eight shape. This is called morphing, and the result can neither strengthen as one cell nor split. It can only die. This is one form of cancer. The second form of cancer occurs when the cells become so weak that they lose their “intelligence.” Each cell in your body knows what organ it belongs to and how quickly it should divide based upon that specific organ. If a cell becomes weak enough, it forgets what type of cell it is and begins reproducing at exponential rates in the form of skeleton shells. This is commonly known as a tumor. [2]

Drugs and alcohol feed on weakened cells and we feel bad because our bodies are weakened. We fill this hole up with more abusive behavior, and the destructive cycle continues.

If you are prone to any type of substance abuse and you have any type of cancer, the two situations may very well be related. Keep your workplace clean and healthy by implementing drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.


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