Feeding Your Specific Self

Feeding Your Specific SelfMany drug addicts can be said to be starving. On a daily basis, all the time, they can be said to be starving. What does this starving entail?

There is a great deal studied and researched about the nutrition deficiencies of drug addicts. If you know your business, then you know that some illicit drugs drain the nutrition reserves of the body, while others cause the individual to either have the munchies, where they eat large amounts of food but really low quality food, or they have appetite suppressant. They are either abusing drugs which cause them to deplete in nutrition, or they eat so much junk food that their nutrition is depleted all on its own. Either way, there is starvation of nutrition and the body often shows this.

Secondly, there is a starvation of psychological health. Paranoia, poverty mentality, constant and continuous survivalist mode, and many other ways of thinking about things are part of the drug addicts psychological habits. This becomes more dangerous the more they progress into their addiction. Feelings of violence or aggression coming up to mask impotency or helplessness makes a drug addict very dangerous.

At CMM Technology, we seek to normalize the effect that these addicts can have upon your business. Through drug test equipment, you can easily learn how to identify employees who are fit for duty and those who are not. We carry breathalysers, as well as provide breathalyser recalibration service for your company. Our drug testing capabilities make employee drug testing very easy and serviceable. We want your workers to feel and be safe in their jobs, and employee drug testing is a great way to ensure that this happens. Set a standard for how starvation is kept out of your business and from your operations. You need well fed employees, both physically and psychologically, and this can only happen when they are well taken care of and when you look after their wellbeing. There is a reason why employers bear this responsibility in Australia. Carry the burden well. Call CMM Technology today for more information about our drug test kits: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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