Feedback and the Money Maker

Feedback and the Money MakerFailing companies which made famous turnarounds and became huge successes claim that their success came from one important factor: feedback. When you stop listening to what your customers want, you can quickly go out of business. Some of these companies were unsafe to work in, but feedback from the employees quickly handled these problems by addressing the factors which were the most unsafe. As much as none of us wishes to be criticized about our products or services or company or employees or anything else, feedback really is the money maker.

We will repeat that.

Feedback really is the money maker.

It gives you insights into what your clients or customers want and they will help guide your future company actions so that you can eventually become better and stronger and more influential. However, as influential as you become, there is still a necessity to receive feedback.

Feedback is your bread and butter. Feedback is what puts food on your table and on the tables of all of your employees. If you don’t like receiving feedback, then you may not be a good fit for being in business at all. If you cannot take criticism or critique or insights without taking it personally, then you have a problem that cannot be fixed easily.

Fortunately, most people in business have received several lifetimes worth of criticism and are so used to it that they barely notice it, if at all. Unfortunately, employees who abuse alcohol and drugs are far more likely to take things personally and affect the reputation of your business in a negative fashion.

Allow your employees to openly criticize your business policies, but still maintain effective evaluation techniques, like employee drug testing, in order to properly determine who is remaining sober while on the job. It’s great that this is reduced down to an exact science, because that eliminates the necessity for opinions and subjective perspectives. Let our drug test equipment do all the work for you. Buy our Lifeloc FC10 personal breathalyser device or any of our other screening tests as part of your company policies. At CMM Technology, we believe in helping you protect your reputation: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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