FearlessnessFear does strange things to people and, if they do not admit to their fears at least some of the time, can result in strange coping mechanisms, from drinking to sleepiness to severe depression. Even if someone has a great deal of self awareness, their fear can be ignored or given incomplete attention, and this results in the need to suppress their fear. Sometimes, they may become sleepy all of a sudden. Sometimes, they may suddenly lose their motivation and hope for their day. And sometimes, they are not aware of their fear because they are busy suppressing it with drugs or alcohol. In fact, alcohol especially has the ability to suppress fear and make you feel invincible, which can lead you to using alcohol on a regular basis just to cope with life in the most basic of ways. This is not a bad thing. It is, however, something which needs to be heavily accounted for in the workplace…where injuries and fatalities can occur due to irresponsible actions.

Accountability is rarely thought of in tandem with fearlessness, but the two are actually very related. Natural, non alcohol induced fearlessness grows from a greater feeling of accountability than other people may have. However, drug and alcohol induced fearlessness avoids and shies away from accountability as much as possible. One does not wish to take responsibility for one’s actions when all cares and worries are seemingly wiped away. One does not actually wish to think of themselves as the problem. This can be a very unnatural, and yet a very common, way of believing. This is why drug and alcohol screening on the jobsite is so popular. At work, you and your employees must be held accountable for both your positive and your negative actions or lack thereof. This is where drug tests and alcohol tests come in play. Check out CMM Technology’s wide array of drug tests and personal breathalyser devices, including our Lion SD 500 and our Medix equipment. The cost of drug and alcohol testing does not have to be a factor in your drug testing decisions. Call CMM Technology today for more information or to order our products: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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