Fear of Your Inexperience

If you know about how to put a show together, then starting a job as a stagehand Fear of Your Inexperienceis not a difficult experience. However, if you have just begun a new job, then you know that you are inexperienced and need to learn new and better ways to dealing with things that you do not understand.

Now, in the case of a new job, everyone who works around you knows that you are inexperienced. They give you all kinds of slack so that you can learn the ropes without being too harshly criticized right away. In the end, though, you are expected to have learned the new steps and the latest basic processes for accomplishing your new task and company goals.

Of course, if you are not starting a new job, then you may not necessarily be understood to be new at something. At this point, you will be expected to fulfill the requirements of your desired goal without messing it up.

That is a lot of pressure to put on someone, and unless you ask for more instruction and information, the new tasks of adulthood can really be too much for you to handle at one time, which is why some adults resort to drinking or drugs in order to handle the additional pressures of their lives.

Of course, this is not constructive, but it does make you forget how little about the world around you that you really know.

Now, if it helps, understand that everyone, no matter who they are, is easily confronted with situations about their lives which they would like to handle better. You are not alone in this. However, if you still believe that you are, remember that drugs or drinking is not the way to get to more knowledge and experience.

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