Fatigue and Drug Abuse

 Drug Testing, Workplace Drug Testing, Urine Drug TestMillions of people every day go to work and feel a great deal of fatigue, or tiredness, that drains them throughout the day. This is a miserable way to live and often they take medications, mood enhancers and pain medication, to help them with this problem. They also take stimulants, in both pharmaceutical and caffeine form, and suffer the heavy “down” that comes after the stimulant has worn off. This “down” combined with fatigue makes those employees very unhappy. Workplace drug testing exists to make sure that this unhappiness does not turn into substance abuse. Employee drug and alcohol testing serves a purpose, but you might be curious why fatigue is so common and how you can find relief.

Ideally, healthy cells are well-regulated cells.

In your body, you will find that you need stimulation, intellectual, physical, sexual and emotional. Stimulation is vital to feeling good and experiencing proper growth, both physically and emotionally. You also have a nutrient processing system and a waste disposal system. Ideally, healthy cells mimic your body in that they receive proper stimulation for growth, good nutrients, energy to process this nutrition, and can effective and quickly eliminate waste. Businesses use drug and alcohol testing to find and deal with workers who can potentially slow down the process and mismanage clients or resources.

When cells become dehydrated, clogged, and backed up, they cannot function properly and many systems behind them become backed up, too.

At this point, you will begin to feel tired, but enough systems in your body are working correctly that, with enough sleep, recreation, sunshine, nutrition and water, you will begin feeling yourself again before the day is over. In a business, this is where one or two addicted employees are causing immediate problems around themselves, but they are not affecting the company as a whole. Drugand alcohol testing would find these isolated employees and remove or begin to solve the problem.

If you do not make a concentrated effort to address your tiredness, enough systems will become backed up, and fatigue will set in.

At this point, the strain on certain cellular tissue will become so rampant that cells will begin to die. This process, in the end, takes on many forms, including cancer, tumors, and quickly developing obesity. If addiction is not appropriately addressed within a corporation, the addicted employees will begin to affect their families and their coworkers to such an extent that low productivity and listlessness will become the new norm.

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