Fantasy v. Reality

drug testing,employee drug testing,  saliva drug testYou may not be the sort of person who enjoys fantasy-science fiction novels, and you may not like movies such as Star Wars. However, you have probably indulged in a little fantasy in your life, because it is fun to do. Fantasy is a good thing, and can even be a tool when you are using it to relax and escape the realities of your work day. Unfortunately, sometimes employees use fantasy in their real lives and bring a desire for an altered state of mind to the jobsite. Workplace drug testing has become a necessary practice in a world of wishful thinkers. Employee pre screening tests are there so that your workers stay on track, rather than seeking intergalactic experiences in the office.

Does drug and alcohol testing have anything to do with fantasy, or is it stuck in the real world, along with bills, debt and your mother-in-law? Good question. Scientists have found that diverging from the “set path” before you, using a little fantasy and imagination, is healthy in being creative and thinking outside of the box. On the other hand, many dreamers lack the necessary discipline to follow through on their plans to rule the world someday. Drug testing influences these dreams, because it helps develop the necessary discipline to undertake your goals, realistic or not.

In fact, drug and alcohol testing is so important in developing proper self-control and discipline that sometimes companies use it to instill a higher sense of responsibility in their employees, even if they do not consider themselves as having an employee drug addiction problem. Workplace drug testing sets the bar a little higher, raises standards a little more, defines executives’ expectations of their employees’ professional behavior, and helps the company be less liable if there is a drug-related accident on the job. Employee drug and alcohol testing is not simply about making sure that everyone is not abusing drugs or alcohol while at work. It is about reaching certain business goals, like achieving dreams, rather than just thinking about them.

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