Family Owned and Operated

Drug test equipmentIf you have a family owned and operated business, the idea of employee drug testing may seem the furthest thing from a helpful situation in your mind. After all, aren’t your employees also members of your family? Shouldn’t you look after family, rather than targeting them for drug testing? The whole idea seems ridiculous, and this is a reasonable assumption to make.

Here is the reason why family owned businesses require drug testing more than other small businesses.

When someone is considering leveraging your assets for their own gain, they are rarely thinking about the morals of the situation. No, more than likely, their mind is far beyond that little inconvenience. Instead, they are concentrating on what is the most convenient and free way to get what they want. Family members, or anyone who is openly treated like and considered to be family, are exempt from all of the pesky little rules which govern other employees.

There is a wide swath of destruction all over the world showing family businesses which started out with high hopes and whose family members were able to take them down from the inside.

So, do not think of it as if you are protecting your family business against family. Think of it as setting a personal boundary against other people. You would not hand over your credit card to a staff member and tell them to buy groceries for the household. You would protect your own assets very carefully. Well, guess what, your family business is your own asset. Watch it like a hawk.

To facilitate such personal and business protection, CMM Technology brings in alcohol test and drug testing practices through our drug test kits and breathalyser devices. We also offer recalibration services for breathalysers which you are already using. Any company wants their employees to be fit for duty, and that includes blood relatives. Bring this knowledge within your grasp through the use of employee drug testing. If your business is family owned and operated, protect it for the sake of yourself and your family. Keep it safe, so that you can pass it down to the next generation when the time comes. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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