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Alcohol Test, Alcohol Testing, Drug test Kits, Drug TestIn 2007 NBC News in the United States ran a major story on the American trucking industry. And the findings were both alarming and shocking. Transport and safety must operate symbiotically to ensure the wider community is safe from the perils of avoidable accidents that may in part be due to illegal or inappropriate alcohol or substance abuses. We all know substances and alcohol have the capacity to cause severe accident, and when coupled with the sheer size, velocity and power of a trucking or long haul vehicle, the community is placed at severe risk.

The story was communicated nationally in America and made much of the fact that various undercover investigators from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) used both fake truckers’ licenses that gave them entry into various testing sites. 75% of the bathroom testing sites did not restrict access to various items that could potentially be involved in adulterating tests. Running water, soaps, air fresheners and even other substances were available during the testing. All these substances can be used to disrupt and compromise urine samples.[1]

Here in Australia, adulteration of testing can also occur. While the same kind of mock scenarios have not been performed, there is evidence across all industries, that adulteration of tests and using fake urine and other substances may be part and parcel of avoiding detection.

A simple and comprehensive Google search will alert individuals to the plethora of available techniques and adulterants for avoiding detection. And businesses need to be aware of this strategy and instigate measures that try to combat it.

Here are some helpful ways your business can address drug faking and drug cheating:

  • Make sure bathroom or cubicle testing area is clean and clear
  • Make sure testing area is free from air freshener, bleach, disinfectants and any other cleaning products
  • Make sure there is no soap in cubicle area

In some instances, workers and employees have been known to use “fake urine” to avoid the drug test. In April 2011, it was reported that “fake urine that can pass as the real deal in a drug test is helping WA construction and mining industry workers hide their recreational drug use.”[2]

One such brand that is proving popular amongst industries where drug testing is advised or legislated for is “Quick Fix.”[3] While some of the fake urines are detectable in the testing process, if pH levels are matched and there is creatinine in the fake urine, then these may pass through undetected.

It is important that management and organisations pay careful attention to the ways employees may try to adulterate or fake their drug tests. CMM Technology can advise you on the most effective and up to date screening devices and technologies and can help you develop a screening approach that suits your needs. Specialist staff are happy to talk with you about your prospective drug testing requirements. Telephone CMM Technology on 618 1300 79 70 30

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