Fail Harder, Fail Better

When someone calls something an “epic fail,” it means that the failure was on more than one level, that it had far reaching Fail Harder, Fail Fail Harder, Fail BetterBetterconsequences, and that it probably was quite humorous, as well. Of course, some people have a highly pessimistic view of things. They believe that “the higher you climb, the further you have to fall.”

This is not true. Achieving great heights in your life involves gradually, over time, reprocessing your brain cells and neural pathways until your thinking itself becomes changed. Yes, the way your brain functions can be altered. It is done by consistently and repeatedly thinking the same thing in the same way over and over again. As you succeed or “climb higher,” your brain’s neural pathways begin to form new channels and new habits, thus helping you to succeed in more ways and better in the future.

In short, even if you climb really high in your lifetime and achieve a great deal, you are looking at only a short distance to fall, if you fall at all. You see, your experience and wisdom and attention keep you very near the level of success you are at now. It all ties together and it forms a sort of secure mountain upon which to climb to new heights.

People who do not fail better, but fail worse are those who abuse substances, like drug or alcohol and other forms of self abuse. They are self destructing. They are giving up on themselves and feeding on their own flesh.

Employee drug testing is important to keep this energy out of your company. If someone is abusing drugs or drink while on the worksite, they are putting the lives and the livelihoods of their coworkers in danger. They are holding the safety and peace of mind of other people in their unsteady hands. This is a dangerous situation and must be eliminated. Drug testing in Western Australia is significantly improved by the drug test equipment available through CMM Technology. We find that drug testing is extremely valuable if you have the right equipment. Also, try our recalibration service. For more information, or to order our products, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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