Expressionless Faces

breathalyser recalibration serviceHave you ever been in a neighborhood which is particularly affected by drug abuse? Have you ever seen what happens to the faces of the residents in these neighborhoods, even to the faces of the children? That’s right. Their expressions are mostly emotionless. It does not mean that these people don’t have emotions. It means that they are unable to correctly handle their own emotions, and so therefore they are looking to create new, blank canvases where they can hide (and therefore perhaps avoid) all emotions which they might be feeling.

It is so important for your workers to at least have some enjoyment at what they do for work. By being productive, they become stronger and more resilient against things which might drive them to drug abuse or alcohol abuse in the first place. This little bit of productive joy in their lives is necessary in order for them to feel at peace with themselves and, therefore, feel at peace with everyone around them.

CMM Technology is one of the drug test equipment suppliers in Australia, and we carry everything from urine drug test to saliva drug test to alcohol tests. We are even NATA accredited for our breathalyser recalibration service. Fortunately, we know that every business may have one or two employees who are affected by drug abuse and that these unfortunate souls may bring their abuse, in the form of substances themselves or high or drunk behavior, to the jobsite. This means that you, the leader of the company, must be able to correctly read and handle each employee as they come into your workplace, and for this you need reliable drug test equipment.

We recommend our Alere DDS2 (with reader) saliva drug test, but we also carry other types of drug test equipment and alcohol tests so that you can take your pick. Also, if you have breathalysers which need calibrated then our recalibration service does just that, even if it is not our equipment. That means that you have a quick way to screen your employees both safely and effectively, with high quality results and accuracy. Remember that expressionless faces may reveal more than they hide. Screen your employees today with CMM Technology’s equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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