Exploiting Other People’s Talent

Before we begin, we would like to state that exploiting other people’s talent is a good thing. Often, the word “exploit” carries a bit of negative connotation, but it does not have to do that. We have found that every employee, every individual, carries unbelievable talent which they may or may not display to their full advantage and which you may or may not exploit to the best of your ability. Talent is talent and it is what brings you and your clients more value for your money. Talent is what creates better business, better revenue, and better prices for your customers. Systems can be set in place and investments can be filled and wishes can be granted, but talent should be exploited to the fullest extent possible, because it does two things which create a lot of money for everyone.

First, it makes employees bring their best to the table. Often, employees dislike their jobs because they are not challenged and they do not find it fulfilling, either through service or through learning. However, it changes when they feel that they are needed, that their expertise or service is required, and that they are valued as a member of your business rather than someone else’s. Employees become intrinsically motivated to do their best for your company because that is what they can contribute. That is what they can make better through their presence. They are not just another face or just another name. They are valued and respected for their own individuality.

Secondly, exploiting other people’s talent is great because it creates an investment which yields high returns. Many people feel that the number of hours or the number of projects completed is what counts and is what brings in the bucks. However, this is not always the case. In many situations, simple innovative thinking would create greater return on your employment investment. And for that, you need for your employees to be thinking their best, planning their best, and thinking outside the box and feeling comfortable enough to come to you and list their ideas.

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