Expectations and Their Consequences

Expectations, just like habits, can make or break a man. In fact, most expectations already are habits. They are just habitual beliefsExpectations and Their Consequences about circumstances and people and places and situations which have been cultivated over time into expectations. Well, we cannot do much about it someone else has low expectations of us, and it is not in our best interests to try to dissuade them from this ideal, because that would allow their opinion to control our actions. We can, however, control how we perceive the world around us, and deal with life in a more proactive manner. For example, perpetual worriers often feel that it is normal to have some stress or concern in their minds at all times, or else they feel that they are being irresponsible. Conversely, those who never concern themselves even with basic responsibilities find everyone else to be too uptight and not as mellow as they are. Of course, in either case, their surrounding or external circumstances have not changed at all, but their private worlds are different depending upon how they perceive themselves and the world immediately around them.

In advertising, this motto is frequently touted: perception IS reality.

Unfortunately, negative expectations not only change your own energy, but they change how you behave and how your react to others, bringing about and increasing the likelihood that others will act in the manner which you expect. This is a commonplace phenomenon, which describes how perceptions affect the perceiver FIRST, and then the perceiver’s behavior and attitude affects others to the point where they begin delivering what is expected of them, good or bad. Often, drug addicts and alcoholics are so far gone that they do not even need to see the expected behavior in someone else before they accuse them and expect evil from them.

Fortunately, not all expectations have to be continually fed, especially in a worthwhile marketplace like the professional business world. CMM Technology provides employee drug testing equipment to help reduce these negative expectations due to abuse. Check out our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices, especially our Medix drug testing kits and our Lion SD 500 breathalyser devices. We would love to hear from you: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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