Evolving Your Career

Breathalyser Recalibration Service,  Recalibration, Recalibration ServiceWhile we tend to pay a great deal of attention to how drug and alcohol testing can improve your company or your department as a whole, sometimes it becomes advisable to discuss how drug testing can improve your own individual professional career. Your professional career must grow and evolve over time, and that requires flexibility, openness to change, and maturity. All three of these characteristics can be specifically developed and workplace drug testing can aid in the development of all of these.


Patience, foresight and resilience are all building blocks of internal flexibility. A business owner or manager must be patient enough to recognise talent when they see it and know how to put it to work for them in the most efficient manner possible. Foresight is the ability for them to see problems and solutions before they occur, identify how to implement solutions, and the guts to carry it off, even if they are criticised for this at first. Resilience is the ability to bounce back and continue progress after adversity or even catastrophe has occurred. Drug and alcohol testing helps develop all three of these qualities by invoking the desire to reap long-term gain rather than short-term gratification, recognize that some problems should be prevented rather than dealt with later on, and testing also provides a safety net so that you are better able to bounce back legally and financially after a large incident.

Openness to Change

Every great leader must learn how to accept change, embrace change, and eventually they must learn how to manipulate change in their favour. Sometimes, control is desired so much that it is easier to think of managing a business, a system, or a group of people if it is static than if it is constantly changing. When a leader recognises that change is inevitable, they are then able to meet it, rather than challenging it. Some of the largest business failures which have occurred in history happened because someone challenged change and kept challenging it until they ran themselves into the ground. Workplace drug testing helps individuals to think about where they are going, rather than where they have been in the past.


Maturity is the ability to stay strong and act, rather than react, when unexpected situations arise. Negative situations must be met with full strength of confidence, and positive situations must be exploited in favour of the company and the business owner. Drug testing helps keep everyone in a calm, rational state of mind so that they are better able to handle any unexpected circumstance.

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