Evidence of Calm Seas

When a sea is calm, there are certain factors about it which indicate the fact that bad weather is not about to hit at any moment. Fish swim very Drug test equipmentclose to the surface and stay there, rather than coming up and then quickly diving deep. Seagulls are more likely to venture out farther to sea than they would otherwise. The ocean water is clearer and you can see deeper into it. There are numerous areas where dolphins are likely to become friendlier with ships and fishermen and bring them food.

Calm seas bring a wellspring of beauty and food for anything on or in the ocean. This means that people who exhibit calm energy may be more likely to attract good things to themselves than other people are able to. There is an inherent ability to productively use resources which is directly correlated with plenty of those resources.

This is the nature of money, the nature of food, and the nature of just about every other natural thing in the world.

When someone gives evidence of calm seas, they are more likely to inspire friendships and to commune with non-sociable people who feel afraid around everyone else. Calm seas attract the best in everyone, and they bring stability to someone who is yelling or insulting you. Being calm is one of the best ways to get someone to lower their voice in a fight and deal with you in a more reasonable manner.

The evidence of calm seas in people extends to health and beauty, too. People who are choose to stay calm look better and age better, and on top of that, they are able to better retain normal blood pressure as they age, and their faculties last them a lot longer.

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