Equipment in Conjunction with Onsite Services

Equipment in Conjunction with Onsite ServicesThe cost of drug and alcohol testing has gone down since businesses have started specializing in these products and services. Rather than having to maintain a storefront office, laboratories no longer have to maintain high prices on drug and alcohol testing. They can split their operations in two, and have two separate companies, or they can simply specialize in the equipment or they can specialize in the onsite services.

Onsite drug and alcohol testing services, like the kind offered by our sister company, Mediscreen, goes from business to business and tests your employees right there on site. This is the way in which businesses can cut down on the cost of drug and alcohol testing. They do not have to send their employees to a laboratory, which is more expensive and which takes a lot more time and resources to give every single employee a test for positive results. Onsite testing simply involves testing for non-negative results, and then any of those results are taken to a laboratory for the full and complete array of tests that will determine for certain one way or the other.

On the other side of the equation, onsite testing services need drug and alcohol testing equipment. This means that CMM Technology (our company) provides drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices for companies which need them, as well as providing them to laboratories which need them, as well. Since our specialty is in providing the products themselves, we strive to give you only the best possible drug testing equipment that is available. We provide Lion SD 400 and Lion SD 500, not to even mention our LifeLoc FC10 breathalyser devices. We also provide an array of drug tests, such as our Oraline saliva tests and our Medix urine drug kits. At CMM Technology, our goal is to bring back normalcy and cost effectiveness to both businesses and the art of drug and alcohol testing itself. Our goals are to provide the best equipment, while our sister company strives to provides the best onsite testing services. Check out our website, or call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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