Equality Between the Sexes

Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestGender equality has long been argued, especially concerning paychecks and income distribution. In third world countries, gender inequality is publicly displayed to be highly prevalent, with of course women being at the bottom of the pile in all cases. Today, among first world Western nations, the disparity between the sexes in income growth is becoming smaller, but not for the reasons one might think. You see, women have to some extent expected less of themselves up until now, and while this is definitely a result of societal inbreeding, it has also affected how women perform their jobs and what exactly they expect out of themselves.

Today, women have more education and are trained in higher quality and more refined skills and are therefore making quite a bit of money from this. Their male counterparts are actually more likely to quickly grab and settle down to jobs which require less education and may pay more per hour, but pay less over the long run, due to variance in hours. Women are more likely to recognize what is needed to obtain a higher quality job with more regular hours, and then to follow up on this and do what it takes to get it.

Why this change in mentality in the female sex? While the feminist movement had something to do with it, the influences from women’s rights are much smaller than one might expect. Rather, factors like ease and financial attainability of obtaining an education contributed to this new realization among women. In fact, women who planted their feet strictly in the feminist movement in order to get ahead in the job market are finding themselves a little hard up in their climb, since some of their more highly educated colleagues are climbing the ladder more easily. The new feminist movement: Utilize the system, don’t fight it.

Workplace drug testing is among the many professions in which women are becoming increasingly adept. At CMM Technology, we also believe in gender equality in both hiring employees and in testing them for drugs or alcohol on the jobsite. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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