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Drug Testing In Western Australia, Employee Drug TestingAfter sickness is gone, it is a good idea to understand why patients can become chronic users of pain medication, even after the pain has gone away. Pharmaceutical drugs which contain opioids are often used for pain management, with or without the appropriate recommendation from a doctor. Employee healthcare, while important, does offer a means by which employees can achieve less than desirable ends. This is why drug and alcohol testing companies are developing state-of-the-art drug testing equipment to detect misuse of illegal drugs and to improve detection of legal drug abuse. Fortunately, legal pain medications contain similar if not identical endorphin triggers to illegal drugs, so this technology is being improved upon all the time. Also, having a documented account of the patient’s history of prescribed pain medication can help with identifying misuse. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is a necessary and vital part of keeping your employees and your business operations healthy.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine documents and reviews ways in which healthcare providers are attempting to stop or dissuade non-cancer patients from abusing their pain medication. Their initial theory was perhaps to get the patient to agree to a pain treatment program which would take care of their needs but which would also not allow any abuse of these drugs to take place. It turns out that patients would sometimes agree to these treatment plans and subsequent urine drug testing, but that they were only slightly more inclined to resist drug addiction, drug misuse or aberrant drug-related behavior than they were before. The study indicated that patients were simply not likely to change their behavior, even after agreeing to a pain treatment program and to following drug tests to determine how well they followed this plan. It turns out that human nature cannot be contained within the medical field any more than it can be contained on the jobsite.

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