Employee Drug Testing and Giving Space

Giving space is something that only a few people know how to do very well. When you breathalyser calibration services in australiahave a forceful personality, like the author of this article, it is easy to simply get your way and move the forces of the company through nothing but your own personality.

Giving space to employees who need it is an art form, since some of them thrive on pressure and some of them thrive on creative license. Sometimes, it is about external and internal motivations. You cannot know how each individual employee will react to what you do, and it is very important to give space when space needs to be given.

It can free up a worker’s mind so that they get the job done three times as fast.

When such is not the case, they can feel cramped, bitterness or resentment, while the work is not getting done as fast as it could be, and while their freedom of movement and spirit are not being accommodated. After all, if you are in the flow of things at a job where you excel, you do not need such things as constant supervision or someone micro managing what you are doing.

The balance occurs when you realize what and how your subordinates are thinking, and you are able to match their concentration and understand their process of working. If you understand your worker, then you are far more likely to give them the room they need to go through their sometimes slow, sometimes methodical, but always thorough process.

CMM Technology helps you prepare your employees to be fit for duty. Employee drug testing is meant to weed out anyone who may be bringing down the productivity, morale, or safety protocol for any given business. That is why drug testing is even required by law in some industries. It is more important to have a safe workplace than an erratic one. Try our Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser devices, as well as our breathalyser recalibration service for any equipment you may already have and be using. And to learn how you can get drug test kits with built in adulterant tests, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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