Employee Discrepancy Policies

In every business, employees will break the rules, as well as engaging in discrepancies which are not listed in the rules. Many largeEmployee Discrepancy Policies companies with several thousand employees incorporate very detailed policies and a comprehensive human resources department in order to deal with just about any problem which could possibly arise. Outside of that comprehensive list, managers and executives work hard to make sure that employees have a thorough understanding of what is expected of them and what is not. This nice set up is a good way to conduct business, and common sense is a large part of what makes a good business great. Fortunately, part of this process is scientific and involves drug and alcohol testing. For example, CMM Technology provides Alcoblow, Lion SD 400, Lion SD 500, and Oraline drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices to companies, especially ones which employ onsite drug and alcohol testing. This is particularly for drug testing in Western Australia, though we ship our products all over Australia and to certain select countries.

Employee discrepancies can easily involve drugs or alcohol, and this type of behavior can allow your business to be liable for accidents, injuries, even fatalities, not to mention what employees may incur to and from work if they are under the influence. Drug and alcohol testing is part of prevention of danger and protection of your assets. Many companies use it as part of their standard policy based upon how effective it is and how easily it illuminates problem individuals within the business.

More importantly, though, drug tests can be used as scientific backing for reason to discharge employees. If someone ever sues your business for loss of employment, you will have scientific data to back your position. It is a matter of safety in case of lawsuit.

Employee discrepancy policies are in place to protect not just you, but their coworkers. Not everyone wishes to work with someone who cannot control themselves. Company implemented policies can be just the sort of safety net and reassurance that makes your business so well worth working for. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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