Emotionless Clearing of the Mind

Clearing the mind involves being willing to let go of your emotions and thoughts and even some of your opinion…notEmotionless Clearing of theEmotionless Clearing of the Mind Mindpermanently, but just for the time of the clearing. This is incredibly difficult to achieve, especially for women, because the brain is always working and processing information, and women’s brains have extra connections between the right and left sides of the brain, so they think more continually than most men. Mental clarity can still be achieved, though, and it’s a powerful way to let the brain rest and to clean out old thinking and old habits which are no longer useful for your current and ever evolving lifestyle. Your mind must be able to rest and to clear out all of the extraneous details. Being emotionless and cultivated a position of complete emotionless thinking helps with this process so much that it is inextricably tied with clarity. Emotions cloud the mind and they push around priorities until things are not as fully functional as they were when priorities were straight and the mind was clear.

Unfortunately, emotions come in full force to the lives of drug addicts and alcoholics. They are unable to cope with their own lives, and therefore they are unable to control their own property and relationships with family and friends. This degenerates into affecting their work behavior and professionalism, and the whole system falters even more when their newfound ineptitude compounds and turns into a liability for the company at which they work.

We’re talking about your company.

They can no longer manage money as well, and their friendships have taken a hit. The result is that their needs at their job increase while their contribution to their workplace decreases.

We’re talking about your workplace.

There is no way around this. You must protect your assets and determine which employees to keep by using drug testing. Screening tests, like our Lifeloc FC10, will help in making a decision. It will also be a way to monitor the progress of your workers. Help your entire workforce to stay emotionless. Employee drug testing is the answer to a lot of problems or potential problems. Call CMM Technology today to order your equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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