Emotional Regulation, Input and Output

Drug test kitsEmotional regulations help things to pass smoothly in and out of your heart, mind, and soul, so to speak. By regulating your emotions at any given time, you are building yourself stronger in your foundation, while leaving yourself flexible to move with the wind if necessary, like a tree or a skyscraper. Emotional regulation brings in helpful thoughts about what the reality of a situation is, without freaking out and going berserk if things seem way too off center. By regulating your emotions, you are able to control a great deal of the little fears, doubts, and troubles which might otherwise steal your focus from far more important things.

Input of emotional regulation involves certain things, such as books, textbooks, psychological texts, etc. which are all based around emotional intelligence. Videos showing how to effectively manage situations in the real world and among people are also extremely helpful.

Output of emotional regulation is waiting before you speak when you are angry, waiting before you speak when you are afraid, and not waiting before you speak when you are filled with love, hope, life, etc.

In the real world, we encounter, perhaps, ten thousand emotions daily. That is not an exaggeration. Rather, it is a look into just how complex and vast our minds really are.

Substance abuse takes this self control, and turns it into something gooey and formless. It takes your ability to regulate emotions going inward and going outward, and it makes that ability paralyzed and numb. By abusing drugs or alcohol, you are literally putting no filter on your mind so that whatever someone else says, will be exactly what you experience in your head as true and factual.

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