Electrolyte Imbalance and Withdrawal Symptoms

Electrolytes are necessary to life. In fact, electrolytes are so necessary to life that individuals who take on water drinking challenges can actually wash all Electrolyte Imbalance and Withdrawal Symptomsof the electrolytes out of their bodies and die. One individual in Wisconsin, U.S. took on a water drinking challenge and sat and drank eight gallons of water. He died within two hours of the beginning of the challenge, due to electrolyte depletion.

So, what are electrolytes and what do they have to do with drug abuse and employee drug testing?

Picture your bloodstream filled with nutrients and other particles, carrying them all over your body. In order to pick up these particles and transfer them to the appropriate place, your bloodstream must use electrolytes, which are also particles.

These are necessary in order to have enough “roughage” in your body to carry out basic, simple functions. Alcohol tests and urine drug tests, such as the kind with built in adulterant test, are useful in determining if one of your employees is abusing drugs or alcohol while on or near the workplace.

But, electrolytes are often severely…and dangerously…depleted in withdrawal patients, too. That means that even if your employee is fit for duty, there can still be a strong, almost violent reaction in the body when it goes through withdrawal. Be supportive of your worker, and understand that withdrawal is one of the primary reasons why addicts begin using again since it is so painful.

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