Effects of Poverty Upon Business

Breathalyser Recalibration Service, Recalibration, Recalibration ServiceStudies have shown that poverty has quite far reaching effects. For example, a poverty stricken community with limited business potential is set for further decay in the future, where residents leave or become poorer, thus allowing property values to drop and potential for business prospects to also drop. Workplace drug and alcohol testing is the result of the need to keep the fingers of poverty out of the business world. When companies go under, many jobs are lost and the economy of that area suffers. When a company implements employee drug testing, it is to maintain a standard of conduct which facilitates the direct operations of the business. Anything more or less than that is costing your business money.

The first effect of poverty upon business is time management. Poverty stricken areas have individuals with extremely low energy, low motivation, and lack of goal setting. This attitude is transmitted to the workplace and the individual is being dragged along by the work of everyone else. We have all known such an individual. They have no desire to get anything done, and you feel sluggish just looking at them or being around them. Drug testing helps low energy people, like alcoholics and other addicts, to find a more suitable place to work.

Secondly, poverty affects the future prospects of business owners and anyone who has a vested interest in the future prosperity of the company. Business owners in poor areas of the city focus on survival, rather than prosperity. The goal becomes “getting by,” rather than “succeeding and growing.” Drug abuse leads to poverty, and in many cases, poverty can lead to substance abuse. The correlation between these two aspects is not a coincidence. Workplace drug testing on a regular basis becomes more than making sure that financial accounts are not mismanaged. It becomes about asset protection of the mentality of success.

Lastly, poverty affects business because customers from richer areas of town are not likely to travel into a decaying region in order to receive services. Location becomes important, and poor areas do not receive nearly as much economic stimulus from rich customers, even though more well-to-do areas still receive business from poor customers. It is a matter of personal safety, at this point.

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