Educating Your Employees Can Reduce Substance Abuse

drug testing in western australia,chain of custody,pre screeningIf you have children, you have probably encountered the situation where your answer to your child’s question is met with the response, “Why?” The conversation might go something like this: “Why does the sun come up every day?” “Because the earth spins and sometimes we are facing the sun and sometimes we are facing away from it.” “Why?” “Because the earth has an axis and it spins around the axis, and this creates gravity which keeps us from flying into space.” “Why?” “Because gravity creates a force field which pulls us inward and keeps us attached to the ground.” “Why?”…and so it goes. Sometimes, your employees will seem to have the same problem with regard to drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. They may feel that they should not have to do this, or that they should argue and fight back, or that it is a violation of privacy, or any number of feelings concerning this subject.

Just as you cannot avoid the problem by avoiding your children’s questions, you may be walking into dissonance at work if you do not address these issues among your employees. They need to understand the importance of safety procedures and why the alternatives to drug and alcohol testing could cost them their lives or their jobs, even if someone else is the perpetrator. In this case, simply handing out flyers or advertisements to sell them on this idea will not be good enough. You must interact with them directly and be open to individual ideas on the subject.

Get your staff involved by calling a meeting and showing how open-minded you are to the subject. Ask them their opinions about implementing a drug and alcohol testing program within your company. Even if you do not agree with their viewpoints, give them freedom to express these opinions, because they should be on board with your plans. If they feel that they are part of the decision making, then they are less likely to act against their own rules.

The Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety (V. 1, 5) states that drug and alcohol testing programs significantly decrease the chances of positive results on random drug testing, even in high-stress industries. [1] Establishing open communication and individually-placed boundaries with your staff members will help to keep perceptions about these programs both influential and productive. Contact CMM Technology today for your drug and alcohol testing equipment: +618-9204-2500.


1. Stellman, Jeanne Mager. Encyclopaedia of occupational health and safety . 4th ed. / ed. Geneva: International Labor Office, 1998. Print.

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