Ebb and Flow of the Tide

chain of custody,pre screening,screening testsThe movement of water and the oceans and weather cycles is a fascinating study. While the oceans, with its crushing depths and its potential for huge waves caused by thunderstorms, has the reputation for being powerful and strong, it is a certain thing called the tide which can give it unimaginable danger. The pull of the moon, combined with the pull of the sun and the inertia from the spinning planet, create predictable and yet very complex tidal systems. These macro currents combine and change, creating a swirling effecting underneath the surface of the water, causing internal currents below the surface of the water to exist and be quite strong and forceful, even pulling people down below the surface, both in the ocean and in river rapids.

Water is a clear cut example of currents, but currents which increase and decrease with energy and reactive pulls exist all over the world in different forms. Foreign exchange of currencies reacts remarkably like ocean waves, rising and falling in tandem and in unison, depending upon the allegiances held by nations. Even something as small as the nutrition uptake and return in garden soil in your back yard is very similar to these patterns. Plants dig deeper and deeper for more nutrition, uptake nutrition into their roots, and then nutrition is returned to the soil through the decay of dead plants and through rainwater and animal contributions. Even the energy in the human body is depleted through burning energy and is filled up through proper nutrition. Employees who are at their optimum levels of performance are not depleting these reserves through drug addiction or alcoholism.

In your company, employee drug testing is part of your business plan and part of company policy, and may even be mandatory. Life cycles exist to clean out the old debris and replenish with new growth and sustenance. Employee drug and alcohol screening exists so that you can identify and remove individuals who are not contributing new growth to your company. Even in something as technical and logical as business, the life cycle continues. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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