Earn Respect, Earn Fear

Earn Respect, Earn FearThe great thing about saliva drug tests is that they prevent the test subjects from having to strip half naked in order to be screened. It’s far more comfortable for both the testee and the tester. The thing is, we have now reached an advent of technology which allows us to use either urine drug tests or oral fluid drug tests, whichever we feel like, and to offer both options to our customers.

Now, CMM Technology carries a wide range of drug test equipment, including the popular Rapid STAT saliva drug test. There is not a great deal that any of our drug test equipment cannot do, and we are proud to also provide alcohol tests, as well. In addition to all of this, in case you needed one more reason to love us and give us your undying customer loyalty, is that we are NATA accredited for breathalyser recalibration.

Yes, we knew that would blow you away.

Earning respect for any business is a matter of pride, internal muscles, and a great deal of grit and hard dedication. However, respect is not the same thing as fear. Some managers, executives or various and sundry other individuals believe that you can gain respect by making everyone afraid of you, but the truth is that once the fear is gone, the habits and work ethic will return to its former state, whatever that may have been. It’s therefore very important to maintain respect among your employees, rather than bullying them into mass submission. Unless they enjoy that, in which case, give them all you got.

Now, in today’s world, respect is had by protecting what you wish to keep and by eliminating what you wish to get rid of. Employee drug testing can be an evaluative method to give you this ability. It can also establish a minimal code of conduct for your workers, in addition to providing them with safety from each other. This is not only the responsible thing to do, but it will engender respect for you in your employees. That is a valuable asset to possess. Call CMM Technology to possess this asset today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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