Drugs and Appearance

alcohol testing australia,clinical medical marketingIn order to grow, humans require adversity. It is the psychological equivalent to sharpening a knife. Strength, wisdom and perspective are gained by sharpening your teeth, so to speak, against cultural norms. This process is familiar to all of us in the ritualistic rebellion which occurs in the teenage years. In order to grow in strength, the child must endure the painful and chaotic separation from home life and immerse himself in society, seeking a place to nurture his newfound adulthood. During this time, all previous forms of behavior and appearance are rejected in order to experiment with new possibilities. Typically, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol are all abused in order to determine if any of these experiences have merit. Both positive and negative consequences result from these experiments, which help to define whether they continue to be employed.

One of the primary ways that drugs can yield a positive result at this time is through appearance. The teen is seen by others as dangerous or powerful, and this image is an influential one, especially if they are new to experiencing this level of popularity. Both danger and power equal strength in the world of new adulthood. While parents rue the seeming destruction of all of their careful planning and nurturing, the teenage man or woman is quickly determining and choosing their new, isolated path. It is important to remember just how isolated this path truly is when stepping out into the world on your own. There is no one to catch you if you fall and your biggest allies are just as new at it and confused as you are. It is frightening at best and miserable at worst.

At this point, the new adult recognizes the need for stability…stability which they provide for themselves. Shelter and food may still be provided for them, but social stability within a group is still a problem which must be addressed. We return to the appearance of power and danger created by drug abuse. This prestige among their peers of equally shaky power becomes a method of achieving social stability. Their image and reputation are being made and they appear strong and assured of themselves. It is important that they learn other forms of social stability, but they must learn these lessons alone.

Many of them find better, safer ways to express their strength within a group, but many do not.

Drug and alcohol testing does not simply keep your company safe from irresponsible employees who may drive away good business. It separates the self-actualized adults from the teens who are still finding their footing.

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