Drug Testing with Employees Who Refuse to be Tested

Drug Testing with Employees Who Refuse to be TestedIn certain high hazard industries, employee drug and alcohol screening is a requirement and absolutely positively must be done in order for the company to abide by government guidelines. However, some companies have the option of whether or not to test their employees for drugs or alcohol, and if an employee should refuse to be tested, this can pose quite an interesting dilemma. If the individual has been employed by your company for some time and has proven themselves competent and trustworthy, do you go the extra step to convince them to submit to employee drug and alcohol testing, or do you give them a break?

At this point in time, if you are inclined to give them a break about this topic, and they may well have earned such a privilege, you still have to keep other employees in mind. If you make exceptions to the rule which other employees find out about, then this specialized treatment is likely to breed bitterness and resentment within your other staff members. It is important to discuss this with the favored and competent employees, but to also explain that they are a leader in your company, a self made leader, and that their example and attitude about employee drug testing will affect other people.

Absolutely make sure that you do not become stern and officious and tell the valued and competent employee that everyone gets tested and that’s that. It is best to always help them to understand that, while you respect them as a person and that your respect their professionalism, you have to think about the other employees and that they should, too.

If, however, you do end up giving someone an exception to the rule, make it quite clear that their free ride is based entirely upon their confidence about the matter. If they should mention the circumstances to anyone else, it will engender destruction of the teamwork mentality, and you will make sure that they are properly tested, just like everyone else.

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