Drug Testing Literacy

Drug test Kits, Drug Test, Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestAt CMM Technology, we offer training for use of our drug and alcohol testing equipment for your company employees. Any or all of your staff managers can learn drug testing literacy, as well as understand potentially problematic employee behavior. What about you? How important is drug testing literacy above the manager role? Is it worthwhile for executives and higher officers to learn about more about current company policy and drug testing methods? The answer is: Yes, of course. Drug and alcohol testing is a worthy subject for any business owner or corporate executive.

A study sponsored by the Academy of Management shows how important it is to couple executive training with real world experience. Even long time executive officers in a company can benefit from learning about and being aware of the latest workplace drug testing practices. What are some specific benefits to learning while on the job?

1. You can avoid stagnation. If you keep all of your executive officers up-to-date and moving with the times, this will support investor interest, cross business interaction, and remaining stuck using former methods which are no longer widely used in evolving companies.

2. You can build perspective. When in business school or during internships, potential candidates for corporate executive positions form their own perspective of the business market. This education is nothing compared with repetitive, and competitive, hands on experience. You want the people running your company to know what they are doing and nothing will show them better how to survive and keep your company successful like jumping in and getting themselves dirty, so to speak.

3. You can anticipate problems before they occur. While it is advisable to have several managers well educated in workplace drug testing, it could be useful to have someone higher up knowledgeable about the process. This way, there are no hiccups in your employee drug testing program and you are able to see potential problems before they occur.

4. You can create interest in your drug and alcohol testing program. The more influential people who know about your company policies and drug and alcohol screening practices, the more interest you will create in doing it right and in effectively utilizing test results. Create pride in your company when non-negative results are low. This builds a teamwork mentality.

CMM Technology supports further education in workplace drug testing procedures and we offer many training programs to help you meet your goals. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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