Drug Testing is a Core Requirement

Urine drug testFor some inexperienced business owners, employee drug testing may seem a little unnecessary. If you have the expenses to cover it, then yeah, sure, it might be a good idea, but it is really no big deal.

Drug testing is such a big deal that we at CMM Technology cannot stress it enough.

One of the core requirements of business operation is the need to have someone and something to protect your company assets. We do this by locking the doors, installing security systems, and vetting new employees and only promoting them to further access to our assets when they prove their trustworthiness. However, there is another aspect of this.

What happens when you are attacked from the inside? What happens when one of your employees puts your company assets and your employees in jeopardy? You need physical evidence that they are a danger to others on the job site.

One of the most-touted arguments against employee drug testing has been that it is a violation of your privacy. Some people may even say that your character is not being judged, but your urine.

However, the law is a defined and finite power. The law regulates appropriate conduct to be demonstrated in civilized society. These laws protect the citizens of our country. Without them, personal interpretations, which can go to any extreme imaginable, would be open to the public. Innocent people can get hurt. Companies can be sued for things which they did not have a part of.

Breathalyser tests, drug tests, and any other type of employee drug testing helps to record data about whether or not an employee is engaging in abusive behavior while on the job site. This recorded data is physical evidence which can be presented in court should the company find itself sued or in any way liable for the irresponsible and dangerous actions of an employee who is under the influence. For this reason, CMM Technology not only distributes equipment for drug testing in Western Australia, but we also offer recalibration service for any devices which you are already using. Our goal is to increase the safety of company assets. Call CMM Technology today to order your drug testing products:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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