Drug Testing in Australia’s Water Based Companies

Drug TestingWater based companies in Australia either use water as a power source or have something to do with water care, purification or other type of water preservation technique. Drug testing in Australia’s water based companies is especially important for our country, because so much of our economy is based upon, in or around water. In order to set an example of proper water treatment, we must set high standards in our employee drug testing in these water based companies.

Drug testing can easily be implemented without giving a thought to quality or quantity of drug test equipment, employee treatment, and the process of documentation and evaluation of individual employees. When done casually for the sake of following company policy in a half hearted way, employee drug testing can bring inaccurate results and distorted data.

That is why CMM Technology specializes in our high quality drug test equipment and breathalyser devices, and that does not even cover our breathalyser recalibration service, which recalibrates all breathalyser devices you may have onsite, not just the ones which came from us. We are a full service company which does drug testing in Western Australia. Our sister site, Mediscreen, even performs onsite drug testing so that you can have all of this and more right on your worksite. That is a devotion to the quality of drug testing which is not often found.

Water based companies provide us with clean drinking water, proper septic systems, and utilize the power and flow of water to run factories and other types of plants or operations. That is nothing to take lightly. Drug testing in water based companies must bring a higher standard than many other companies, since there is so much more at stake, relatively speaking. AOD must be kept off of the worksite, and this is essential in developing a proper respect for our water based operations in this country.

Help us to develop this respect for our water employment by implementing employee drug testing with our drug test equipment. We provide high quality urine drug tests and we want to conserve Australia just as much as you do. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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