Drug Testing Equipment and Modern Man

Drug Testing Equipment and Modern ManDrug test equipment has, for many years, had to be on the front lines of modern technology. Lately, the process of detection has become so evolved that it does not take over complicated equipment to get it done. In fact, many companies prefer a simpler design which, in many cases, also turns out to have better technology and ability to read the data fed into it. Drug test kits have their own way of becoming difficult to read if the technology is not done in a way that is user friendly. Now, we have drug test kits which are easy to use and to understand.

A breathalyser recalibration service does more than that. It keep your alcohol test equipment in working order so that it can be reused and at the correct standard, something which is not possible with drug testing. Fortunately, we here at CMM Technology have a top notch breathalyser recalibration service (NATA Accredited), and we pride ourselves on our ability to bring both simplicity and accuracy together within the same equipment.

While our sister company, Mediscreen, handles onsite drug testing, we here at CMM Technology specialize in drug test equipment, alcohol breathalyser devices, and of course our NATA accredited recalibration service which services not only equipment we have sold, but also any breathalyser equipment you may still be using in your company.

Modern man has not yet perfected a technique to make drug testing a matter of just looking at someone and being able to tell, but we are modern enough to take advantage of some of the best quality drug test equipment in Australia. Now, when you are shopping around, be sure to think of CMM Technology. We know that you have a busy workplace schedule and that you have many tasks that need to be taken care of. You cannot afford to be working with old or outdated equipment which is ineffective. We recommend that you check out our website and consult us on what may be the best products for your company drug testing use. And, naturally, if you have any breathalyser devices which need to be recalibrated, we can do that, too. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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