Drug Testing and Unruly Employees

“Unruly” is such a fun word. You may think of laughing children with wild hair running around when you hear it. It seems to denote mischief and gaiety. It doesn’t even seem like a negative word. However, when your adult employees are behaving immaturely and childishly and you find yourself compelled to guide them much like a fourth grade class, then there is a problem and “unruly” takes on a whole new meaning.

Gary Blau and Jack Ryan did a study on work ethic and how employees are mixing work and pleasure, job enjoyment and job fulfillment, and how various individuals thought about work. As in many cases, the mentality that one has it hard in life and that one’s work is a continuous pusher of this hardship helps to facilitate childish beliefs about working and taking care of your job. In fact, jobs are like any living creature. They must be well fed, exercised, and trained, and once your career begins to take off, that is when they really require your care and attention. At that point, it is no longer about the money or about rising up on the corporate ladder, but about regular maintenance, setting goals, and achieving milestones. These goals must be specific to each individual, because not everyone has the same dream, and therefore every worker in your company must mind their own job maintenance, and make their intentions known to those around them.

Workplace drug testing helps to identify employees who may still have this “hardship” mentality, and who simply wish to be laborers for the rest of their lives. Many people claim interest in owning or operating a business, but this is nothing like regular technician’s work. However, even a technician will not be satisfied doing the work of a technician if their mentality is that of “woe is me.” Employee drug testing helps to identify the next stage in that process, which tends to be a need to escape through drugs or alcohol. If the work ethic remains intact, however, then it does not matter where you work or what you are doing: the money will take care of itself. It is essentially about personal discipline. Call CMM Technology today for more information on employee drug and alcohol testing equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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