Drug Testing and Financial Planning

Employee Drug Testing, Drug & Alcohol TestThe president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Michael Kaiser, discussed the power of financial planning recently in a blog post, stressing how organisations need to actually tie their strategic objectives in with their financial planning. He talks about how often financial planning becomes a bit like an organisation’s first business plan…done correctly, nice too look at, but set on a back shelf because nobody really believes in the change which will occur.

And why should they? Kaiser discusses how it is very easy to organize your strategic planning separate from your financial planning because in the past, many organisations simply do not see their financial books showing more than three or four percent higher in financial numbers due to strategy. Aggressive financial overhaul is done, performed, and then ignored because what the future numbers show in their projections are not consistent with the numbers from the past five years. Kaiser emphasizes the need to have faith and a minimum amount of belief in the wonderful changes which you are implementing.

This method applies when you are evaluating anything in your company, including your employee drug testing program. It does not do very much good to protect yourself legally and financially using employee drug and alcohol screening when you cannot see the change which this brings about. Now, obviously, it may be unwise to experiment with it by removing this protection, but it is still a good idea to keep documentation of previous years and years in which you used drug testing to see how it has helped you and benefitted your business. You may wish to also include reports about individual employees; who was fired, who was kept, and how productivity was changed and affected by that. Either way, documentation of before and after, as well as future projections, can show you how workplace drug testing is a positive financial move for you.

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