Drug Screening in a Dangerous Environment

Recalibration Service, Chain Of CustodyHigh hazard industries, such as mining and aviation, are designed specifically to get labor intensive and necessary work done, but this can also be somewhat hazardous for employees, especially when they opt to do extremely dangerous work involving explosives or places where methane gas can develop or build up. Hazardous jobs are one thing, but hazardous working conditions are another. There will always be high risk jobs, most of which pay relatively well, but some working conditions increase the danger to each employee’s health and well being.

In most cases, drug testing is mandatory in high hazard industries. This is to keep unnecessary hazards from infusing the workplace, hazards such as drug addiction and alcoholic behavior. Not only would employees be setting a poor example for each other, but being unable to fully and quickly control your own faculties is a dangerous thing, even in a safe job. However, high hazard positions are fraught with stress, protocol, and safety procedures which are not just followed because it is recommended, but because there are lives at stake. In these jobs, safety protocol such as drug and alcohol testing is necessary.

Employees who are not suited for these positions are people who are overwhelmed by the potential risk involved. This is of course understandable, but not everyone is as easily overwhelmed. Some people enjoy a rock hard challenge, and they enjoy the fact that they must understand everything about their job and their coworkers jobs in order to even be safe while at work. It is not just a thrill ride for them, but a test of their stamina and creativity. When they live up to the challenge, they are met with success. When they are not, they are met with hazard and potentially a fatality. Obviously, not everyone is suited for this type of work.

Drug and alcohol screening is designed to reduce all types of risk within your company, and CMM Technology distributes drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices which get the job done. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.



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