Drug Cartels and Work Employment

oraline salivaIf you know anything about drug cartels, you know that it is not only a very dangerous and life threatening business, but that it also employs thousands of people who would otherwise not have jobs, homes, or the ability to bring in food for themselves. For this reason, drug cartels are still in operation today. You would think that, if country’s wanted to reduce their violence, they would get rid of the cartels! However, that is not possible, because these drug cartels employ and feed many people in an otherwise war and violence ravaged country. Do you think it’s a good idea to keep food away from an inherently violent environment? Yeah, we didn’t think so. It’s a matter of local resources, legalities concerning grown and refined drugs, and the end result of many thousands, if not millions, of families being fed and taken care of…while they are untouched by the violence.

Work employment of course sounds really great, but many people don’t really bother with where that work employment comes from and whether or not it is self sustaining. If it isn’t, then there is a problem with what happens to people in the long run and what happens when they try to settle down into a steady lifestyle, but their working conditions or benefits are not always going to stay the same and be reliable.

That turns out a lot of stress for people who are in these conditions.

And then drugs and alcohol enter the scene, impairing people’s judgment, impairing their ability to cope with their otherwise disgruntled lives, and these illicit substances prevent healthy relationships between partners and families from joining.

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