Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Modern Age

Oraline Saliva, Lion SD 400, Lion SD 500Drug and alcohol testing has evolved since the 1980s when it began to be used as a test of competency to use machinery and to work with those who do, as well. Today, equipment is far better than it used to be. For example, if alcohol could not be smelled on your breath, then you were not considered intoxicated. Anybody who abused small doses of illicit drugs and could still maintain a steady and proper outward appearance was not considered a drug abuser. What are some of the more refined tools available for use today?

Saliva Drug Tests

Saliva drug tests are quick, easy and efficient. The screening window is short, and therefore this is the preferred testing method by many substance abusers. Saliva drug testing detects the unprocessed, un-metabolized drug within your body, and can infer the active drug is still being processed by your system. This is an excellent way of detecting and eliminating employees who are immediately under the influence of a drug and can cause physical danger or fatality as a result of their overall impairment. CMM Technology offers a variety of saliva drug tests and drug testing kits: Saliva Starter Kit, Oraline Saliva Drug Test, iScreen Saliva Drug Test, and DrugWipe 5+.

Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug testing is the more traditional version of drug testing. Adulterants are substances which should not legally be found in food, drinks or any type of fuel to which humans are exposed. If the individual receiving the product is okay with the addition, then it is known as a food additive. Otherwise, adulterants are considered to be poison. CMM Technology offers Urine Starter Kits, Medix Pro-Split Cup 6+6 with Adulterant Tests, Medix Pro-Split Cup with Hinged Lid, and independent Adulterant Tests.

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing is important because even a small level of intoxication can lead to mismanagement of employees, coworkers, clients and important machinery within your business. CMM Technology offers disposable breath and saliva analyzers, handheld breathalyzers, and wall-mounted breathalyzers…all to fit your speed of production and number of employees. You can customize any program to fit your specific company requirements and convenience. CMM Technology offers Wall Mounted Breathalyzers BTA-30-DAS-I, Alcolizer Wall Mounted Breathalyzers, Redline Disposable Breathalyzer (0.05%), HH1 and HH2 Alcohol Breath Analyzers, ALERT J5 Personal Breathalyzers, Alcosense Precision Breathalyzers, Saliva Alcohol Screens (0.02% and 0.05%), Lion SD 400s and 500s, and Lion Alcoblows.

CMM Technology provides high quality drug and alcohol testing equipment for your business needs. We can recommend a reliable onsite testing company, and our consultants are standing by to answer any of your questions. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.

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