Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Future

 Chain Of Custody, Screening Tests, Pre ScreeningWe all know the futuristic sci-fi movies which depict hover crafts and automatic identification imaging and walls appearing and disappearing from thin air. The future of drug and alcohol testing may be similar to how it is now, or it may follow some of the trends of our favorite sci-fi movies. Here are some ways in which workplace drug testing may be done in the future:

Everything will be taken in pills. As the song In the Year 2525 so cleverly depicts, the future of mankind could be in pill form. This would mean that food, drugs and drinks are all taken by pill, and that any drug testing that needed to get done might also be in pill form. For example, you take a testing pill, and if the result is non-negative, then your urine (or sweat) turns purple.

We will have internal chemical monitors. As RFID tags have so effectively been installed in pets in order to keep track of them, we might possibly have chemical monitors in our bodies detecting all of the different compounds found in our bloodstream. If this is the case, drug and alcohol testing would involve electronically reading these chemical monitors to determine drug content, as well as quantity.

Body wraps will take a surprising turn. Those of us who enjoy mud wraps and detoxifying body wraps might find something else surprising in the future. If herbal wraps are developed in high enough concentrations, perhaps they can actually detoxify the body of illegal drugs or overdoses of alcohol. In this case, we would need some sort of chemical that changes color to indicate whether or not the person was under the influence.

Change of skin color. As we know, different species and genetic traits evolve and we may narrow drug and alcohol testing down to a specific art in the form of skin color changes. Just as rashes appear during allergic reactions and inflammation and bruises appear during injury healing, in the future we may be able to tell how “clean” someone is by their skin color and variants of that color.

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