Drug Addiction to Legal Pharmaceuticals

Drug & Alcohol Testing, Drug test Kits, Drug TestLegal pharmaceuticals are just as much a source of drug addiction as illicit drugs and alcohol abuse. Pharmaceuticals affect the body in positive manners, but they also have side effects, and these side effects can be dangerous. In addition to this, pharmaceuticals can high addictive and lead to lethal overdose. This is why television commercials are required to list all potential side effects of the drug along with the benefits. When businesses incorporate drug and alcohol testing in order to achieve a drug free workplace, it may be more difficult to detect legal drugs unless on-site testing specifically screens for them. This is why CMM Technology offers such a wide variety of drug and alcohol testing equipment.

Pharmaceuticals must pass inspection by various drug administration agencies and they must be tested as legally safe by multiple research tests. However, even very safe legal drugs still have potential side effects, depending upon the individual taking them. Since each physical body is different, tolerance to various foods, drinks and drugs also varies. What may help one person become healthy and strong may help someone else to become seriously ill or even die. Workplace drug tests are able to determine the truth, no matter how tolerant an employee may be to a drug. This process is somewhat regulated by the fact that most pharmaceuticals must be prescribed by a doctor, but ultimately it is up to the patient to make sure that they take the correct dosage. Individuals who wish to commit suicide purposely overdose on pharmaceuticals (typically by taking an entire bottle at one time), which sends them into respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, or a multitude of other issues leading to death.

On the other hand, addiction can be the underlying problem of pharmaceutical misuse. Many drugs are codeine, morphine, or methamphetamine based pharmaceuticals, and they carry with them the same destructive properties as their illegal counterparts. This means that your untested employees may be abusing drugs after their pre screening tests are given, and the solution to this is regular workplace drug testing. Drug and alcohol testing not only discourages employee substance abuse, but it also helps to catch regular addicts.

CMM Technology offers Medix testing supplies, Lion Alcoblow breathalysers, and Oraline drug tests, both saliva and urine drug tests. We also employ experts in workplace drug and alcohol testing, as well to help guide you on how to set this system up for your particular business. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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