Drifting in a Sea of Fog

If you have ever driven in fog, then you know how much fear that it can Drifting in a Sea of Foginduce in someone. The fear is not so much in getting lost or a fear of the hazy gray smokiness of the air around you. It is a fear of blindly being led off of the road which you are on…a road which ensures your safety and wellbeing. Without this path ahead of you, you could drive into oncoming traffic, fall into a ditch or over a cliff, and you can get your vehicle stuck in areas which you would need a tow truck to pull you out of. This slipping off the road business is a dangerous thing to encounter.

Drifting in a sea of fog is a phrase that is also used to describe being without motivation, goals or direction. When people use it in this manner, they intend to convey a feeling of almost not being human anymore, since most of their humanity is based upon clear cut feelings and memories and visual impressions of people and objects and life experiences.

When you indulge in drug abuse or alcohol abuse, your mind is drifting in a sea of fog. This is no directionless phase, since most people on this path slip toward a very definite end of broken relationships, lowered standards of living, and repeated and chronic self abuse. In order to understand why businesses implement employee drug testing, you may wish to consider that a company is like a living organism which must grow and thrive in order to stay healthy. When the organism is dysfunctional, money leaves rather than coming in.

Money is very good about going where it is safe.

Adulterant tests and all types of breathalyser devices and drug testing reveal the inner workings of employee behavior toward themselves. If they engage in rampant self abuse, it shows. To have workers who are fit for duty is to have a healthy organism which produces products and services for your community. Order your drug test equipment from CMM Technology today. Drug testing in Western Australia has never been so easy: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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