Drama in the Workplace

Recalibration Service, Employee Drug Testing, Alcohol TestI don’t need to explain to you what drama in the workplace looks like. In fact, we could probably get you and several of your coworkers together in one place and your group could come up with quite a list of definitions for this type of occupational disturbance. Employee drug testing exists in part to prevent drama from running rampant on the jobsite, and there are several other things you can do to reduce drama in your own workplace.

1. Maintain conscious self control

It is not very often that an individual closely monitors their own actions and behavior in order to not disturb people around them. We, as humans, are quite proficient in judging the behavior of others, conveniently ignoring ourselves. Workplace drug testing also facilitates this self control, which is necessary in order to retain a drug-free jobsite.

2. Speak in calm, slow, low tones

One of the biggest catalysts in a fight is the speeding up of speech, the raising of vocal pitch, and the excited nature of the speaker. If you can remember to speak in a calm, slow, low voice during times of disagreement or argument, then you will be doing your part to disengage the fight in play. Automatic reactions are what cause us to do things which we later regret.

3. Stop complaining

It is easy to be around people who keep their mouths shut, and it is also easy to pour our troubles into their ear…seeing as how they are such good listeners. If you are going to maintain and grow your professional career, you must stop all complaining, whining, and excuses. After all, if three year old children can learn to stop such behavior, so can you.

4. Refrain from gossiping

Another catalyst for inter-office and jobsite tensions is gossip. When you do not have the trust and confidence of your coworkers or your bosses, then your job can quickly be given to someone who can maintain and foster that trust. Gossip is a dirty form of entertainment and professionalism requires a clean approach to your work duties. Act accordingly.

Drug and alcohol testing helps keep the above problems in check and helps to reduce drama in the workplace. However, it is up to each of us individually to carry it to fruition. Call CMM Technology today for more information regarding drug tests and breathalyser devices: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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