Doubt in Your Own Abilities

Intellectually speaking, most people are the same, and they are perfectly able to accomplish whatever they put their mind to. In TheDoubt in Your Own Abilities Magic of Thinking Big, by Dr. David J. Schwartz, we find that perceptions of reality are the true blockades to progress. In fact, according to Dr. Schwartz, doubt in your own ability seems to really be the ONLY problem with regard to accomplishing that which you would like to accomplish. Unfortunately, our individual perceptions are highly fickle and based upon our memory of the past and emotional reactions, and the result can be a person who is entirely caged in by their own mind.

Doubt in your own abilities really does define how much you learn new things and incorporate those new things into your life. There is really is only one wall against perception, and that is your own beliefs about such things. When you doubt in your ability to accomplish a task, your mind really desires to make your wish come true, and therefore gives you every excuse in the book in order to get out of actually accomplishing it.

Truthfully, personal perceptions are the only reality which exists in your lifetime. Advertising agencies understand that. They comprehend how, rather than the qualifications of the product, the actual perceptions of the product make it sell. If an advertising agency is not accomplishing that job, then it is time to move on to someone who can sell something consistently and in large amounts.

In Dr. Schwartz’s book, he describes how inaction leads to further fear and that action destroys fear. What does this mean? When you are afraid of something or someone or of a situation, then take immediate action steps to addressing the problem, meeting the person, or coming in contact with the object. Face your fears head on and do it immediately, or your inaction will grow your negative perception to unreasonable heights.

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