Don’t Knock Bluff: Bluff Can Move Mountains

Don’t Knock Bluff: Bluff Can Move Mountains“Don’t knock bluff. Bluff can move mountains.” This is the grandly spoken statement by the character Aleister Deacon in the hit British comedy As Time Goes By. The character spoke these oft cited words after having conned a high end clothing store owner into donating a wedding dress to his friend, Jean, after she had had a bad experience with the store employees. Bluff is, indeed, a friend to those who can pull it off well. However, you do not wish to be seen as someone who constantly lives in the clouds and never comes down to earth. There is nothing like a fitly spoken word at the correct time. When is it appropriate to use bluff?

Avoid using bluff in circumstances which you cannot personally guarantee the outcome if you should be called upon to actually back up your words. In other words, avoid using bluff as insurance, when it should only be used as a delay mechanism. Avoid using it for flash, for guarantees, for reassurance when you yourself do not feel very self assured within yourself, and avoid using bluff in order to temporarily raise the quality of your energy. This can result in gaining access to situations and people with which you cannot hope to continue a long term interaction, due to the nature of your own normally regulated energy.

Use bluff as a tool or as a medium to reassure people who are slightly concerned that everything is, indeed, under control, as long as you feel confident in these reassurances yourself. Use bluff as an equalizer. Use bluff in order to gain access to people or situations which you feel that you can easily be competent, but about which you feel nervous gaining access to. These are examples of how bluff can be used or misused, and how to appropriately handle bluff if you happen to be someone who can pull it off. It is a powerful tool when used well.

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